Julia Helena has a particular affinity with the sonata form. Over time, she has discovered many of them, known and virtually unknown ones. She continues to spend a great deal of time on her quest for marvellous sonatas.
This cycle is an exploration of the sonata form and how it evaluated over centuries. Rarely there has been a classical composer who would not take up the challenge of writing a sonata. Julia Helena has made a selection of finest sonatas.

Sonata Program 1

  • M. Clementi: Sonata in E flat major op.35, No.2
  • L. v. Beethoven: Sonata quasi una fantasia in E flat major, op.27 No.2


  • R. Schumann: Sonata No.3 in F minor, op. 14 ‘Concert sans orchestre’

Sonata Program 2: The ‘English’ sonatas

  • Arnold Bax: Sonata No.3 in G sharp minor, GP 279


  • York Bowen: Sonata in F minor op. 72

Sonata Program 3:

  • L. v. Beethoven: Sonata in E major op. 14, No.1
  • F. Chopin: Sonata in B flat minor op. 35


  • D. Scarlatti: Two sonatas
  • N. Kapustin: Sonata-fantasia

Sonata program 4

  • N. Medtner: Sonata Remiscenza op.38 No.1
  • J. Haydn: Sonata in E flat major Hob.XVI:49


  • D. Scarlatti: Two sonatas
  • S. Bortkiewicz: Sonata in C sharp minor op.60

Sonata Program 5

  • F. Schubert Sonata in C major D279
  • E. Rautavaara: Piano Sonata No. 1 “Christ and the Fishermen” (1969)


  • F. Liszt: Sonata in B minor S.178

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