The world of transcriptions

A lot of music has been written for many different instruments and ensembles. However, we find numerous transcriptions of them in the piano literature. Why were they made and how do they sound on the piano? Julia Helena will explore and explain them to you, from Bach to Opera.

  • Bach-Bauer:
    • Die Seele Ruht in Jesu Händen, BWV 127
    • Jesu bleibet meine Freude, BWV 147
  • Mozart-Fischer: Fantasia F minor KV 608
  • Kchachaturian: Adagio from ‚Spartacus‘
  • Manuel de Falla
    • Danza del molinero
    • Danza ritual del fuego


  • Bach-Liszt: Fantasia and Fugue in g minor, BWV 542
  • Schubert-Liszt: Ständchen (Serenade)
  • Wagner-Liszt: Isoldes Liebestod
  • Saint-Saëns-Liszt: Dance Macabre

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