Julia Helena is a unique pianist who brings classical music alive in a way you never heard before.

Julia HelenaThis inspired, well-thought and refreshing way of music-making goes hand in hand with an unusual background and education.

Julia has an international background and received an excellent education from an early age, namely lessons in piano, composition and harmony/analysis. Later stages of formation brought her to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

Julia’s repertoire spans from Baroque to Contemporary music, from famous pieces to completely unknown compositions, mainly piano solo, as well as piano with orchestra and chamber music. It also includes compositions from other genres like jazz and world music. Julia loves to discover unknown treasures of the piano literature and is not shy to present her own compositions as well.

Being a highly gifted musician with exceptional skills at the piano, she plays in an unusually captivating way and has a strong, yet fresh personality on stage. In addition to giving thrilling performances, Julia also can speak about piano repertoire with a fabulous deal of background knowledge and knows witty anecdotes related to it, which creates a great atmosphere with her audiences.

Julia Helena’s music-making is a happy marriage of heart and intellect and truly an enrichment to everybody who shares the passion for performance of great piano music.

Julia’s passion for music is complemented by her deep interest in philosophy (university studies), literature, science and panda bears.

She speaks five languages fluently.